Last March the famous French youtuber Aminiakk fishing, whose channel exceeds 100,000 subscribers, visited us, with his camera and fellow fisherman Walid. These Frenchs media fishermen wanted to see with their own eyes the famous fishes of the Ebro river, which live around the campsite.

When they arrived, their faces radiated happiness, they were surprised by the beauty and uniqueness of the place, very different from what they are used to see. They were amazed by nature in its wildest state, far of any city or agglomeration, as well as the picturesque landscape that surrounds Our campsite. Furthermore, they were eager to discover the specimens that these waters hide!

It could be felt in the air their desire to go fishing, but as we know, a fishing trip is not all about fishing. You should know the culture and gastronomy of the place where you are, so before anything else, they made a walk to see the place and also enjoyed a good meal in the PortMassaluca restaurant, accompanied by anecdotes of all kinds and of course, a lot of laughs.

From the first moment, we were impressed by his professionalism, the level of their recording equipment and the dedication they put into his work. Beyond fishermen they are filmmakers!

The videos published by Aminiakk

During the last weeks, the youtuber Aminiakk fishing has been uploading to his YouTube channel all the videos about his stay in PortMassaluca, reaching a lot of views. Some of them have (while we talk) more than 34,000 views!

Here we leave you a compilation of these videos, hoping you will enjoy seeing them as much as we have had fun participating in them.

The youtuber Aminiakk fishing and his team had, as their main objective, fishing for zanders and perchs. Those fishes are very capricious and very sensitive to factors such as water temperature, lightness or weather conditions. As you have seen in the videos, the fishing went quite well, despite the difficult weather conditions that we find; wind, and low water temperatures (between 8 and 10 degrees). Under these conditions there is a technique that is very effective: vertical fishing.

Vertical fishing basically consists in making our lure swim (usually soft lure) at a determined speed, near the background, optimizing thus the effectiveness of the lure and being able to prospect several dozen meters of shore (or open water) and thus caught fish that may be with an another technique would not have been interested in our lure. Having a good fish finder make the work much easier, it allows us to have a clear idea what the bottom is like, and where the fish are.

Our fishing guide was able to appreciate during his fishing preparation prior to the visit of Aminiakk and Walid, that soon in the morning (even before sunrise), some fish (usually a good size fish) used to get close to the banks in search of roaches and/or crayfish. As the luminosity went increasing, they turned towards the depths of these beautiful waters, which greatly influenced the fishing strategy that they developed.

An unforgettable experience…

After a week full of bites and catches, each one being a time that will remain forever in their minds, both Walid as Aminiakk transmitted to us, in person and through their social networks , their thanks for having a unique experience. Further, not everything was fishing, they also took the opportunity to rest and get to know the beautiful and wild surroundings of the PortMassaluca camping.

71 cm zander caught near the bell tower of the old flooded village called Fayón:

1,7Kg and 43 cm perch:

They also took the opportunity to visit the Mequifish fishing store, our collaborators in Mequinenza

Beautiful Zander caught by Walid just on front of the camp:

Before finishing this article, we want to emphasis again the professionalism and quality of the work of these filmmakers, thank them for their visit and wish them the best for his future projects.

We want to give our support in these difficult times. As soon as all this situation will finish, we will be here to receive you and share with you magicals moments as we live with these two greats fishermen.

Greetings and see you soon!

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