Ebro river Fishing

Come fishing on the Ebro river! The mouth of Matarraña into the Ebro river is a singular place for its biodiversity. Fishing near the Bugarreigs cliff, in front of the old train tunnel (which has more than 100 years), around the church tower which sticks out of the water or in the clean waters of Matarraña river is, according to our clients an unforgettable experience.

Many fish species abound in these waters, from the smallest to the largest like catfish. Catfishes of all sizes (up to 2,5 meters), huge carps (more than 15kg) and depredators like black bass, zander and the european perch.

In this fishing section we give you all the information to know areas, especies, techniques, regulations and licenses.

In PortMassaluca campsite we are committed with the protection and conservation of the environment. In order to ensure the future of fishing, is important to prevent the introduction of new invasive species (used by many fishermen as bait), and a catch and release philosophy. Activities against the environmental and fishing regulations, make fish butcheries or kill species like carp (autochthonous) or black bass (official fish in championships) may be reported to the authorities, resulting in the expulsion from our facilities.

What to fish on the Ebro river?

The Ebro river offers a unique biodiversity for fishing, in the same waters we find catfish, zander, perches, black bass and carps. This great variety of fish makes fishing activity possible during all times of the year.

Fishing services

Our goal is to offer professional services to our clients, so we try to improve year by year. In our facilities we have a fishing shop, boat rental, kayaks and fishing equipment and we also manage outings with professional fishing guides with all the documentation in order.

Fishing Information

Thanks to our experience in the area, we can advise you on current fishing regulations and the best fishing places. In addition, we prepare all the necessary licenses and fishing tickets so that you only worry about the most important thing, enjoy your hobby.

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