What license I need for fishing in the campsite?

Both, Aragon or Catalonia licenses are valid for fishing in the Ribarroja swamp. However, if you want to be member of our fishing club, you need to get Catalonia license. Likewise, if you want to fish in Mequinenza swamp (it is located in front of Caspe and 5km from Mequinenza) you will need Aragón license.

How and where I can get the license?

Nowadays both licenses can be obtained online. Catalonia license can be done for one day, one week or one year. We manage all licenses for our clients.

Catalonia license procedure

Aragón license procedure

Do I need something else?

Yes, after you get the license you need a fishing ticket. Depending on the shore where you will be fishing (see fishing places) you will need from Catalonia or Aragón.

If you fish from the shore it is easy, you can get every day the ticket you need. You can also be member of Cataluña Pro Bass fishing club, enjoy our discounts and fish all year from Cataluña shore all way up to Granja d'escarpe, 30km of swamp. And then, if you want to fish one day from Aragón shore, you get the day ticket in our restaurant. If you are fishing from boat, and you are not in the shore itself, it is difficult for guards to determine where you are, so both can ve valid. Anyway, check the fishing places to know well where are the shared waters and see the limits.

Where I can get tickets?

Daily(6€) or weekly(30€) Aragon ticket can be get in our reception.

Daily(4,5€) or weekly(18€) Catalonia ticket can be get following this procedure: In order to get the annual ticket, you need to be member of a fishing club.

  • Enter here
  • Select: "Application for a fishing permit in a controlled fishing area (ZPC)"
  • Enter your current licence data (Catalonia license is necessary) and validate
  • Choose conca: Ebro
  • Permit type: CIPRÍNIDS 2
  • Name of the area: Embassament de Riba-roja i Flix DIARI(day)/SETMANAL(week)/ANUAL(annual)
  • Period and validity: DIARI(day)/SETMANAL(week)/ANUAL(annual)
  • Save and pay