Current fishing regulations affect differently depending on the shore in which we are. One shore is Catalonia and the other is Aragón. That makes a bit tricky to explain all rules.



We leave you a short summary (The most important rules) extracted from both regulations for your information, but do not forget to read the whole rules:

  • It is mandatory have active your current fishing licenses
  • Live bait is forbidden in all Ebro river and in most of the rivers in Spain
  • With dead fish as bait, only sardine is allowed
  • Fishing nets are forbidden
  • Keep live fish in nets is not allowed
  • Schedule Aragón: From sunrise until 22:00h
  • Schedule Catalonia: 24h
  • Members of Catalonia Fishing clubs can fish all night
  • Carp is catch and release
  • Voluntary catch and release (Catfish, zander, european perch and black bass)
  • Excesive baiting with pellet is not allowed
  • Maximum 2 rods per fisherman
  • * Kill a black bass is not allowed in our facilities