European perch

European perch (perch fluviatilis) is also an invasive specie. As a predator is one of the last to appear on the Riba-roja swamp, although they are in the Ebro from the 90. These ferocious predators can reach up to 70cm and 5kg.

perch fishing on the ebro river near the camping portmassaluca
perch fishing on the ebro river near the camping portmassaluca2
perch fishing on the ebro river near the camping portmassaluca3
perch fishing in spain on the ebro river

Perch is the specie that abound more in the river. This predator is really funny to catch, and in some bites it can look like a black bass. It is usually fished by boat, because the biggest perch used to be in deep water, and the smaller along the coast.

Techniques and seasons for fishing

There are multiple fishing techniques, but the most used in our area are spinning fishing or with dead sardine. If is the first time you go after this fish, we recommend join a fishing guide to learn the techniques, and get better results. We can find this fish almost all year.

Perch - spinning
Perch - sardine
Perch - live bait NOWADAYS FORBIDDEN


The most widespread technique among our customers. Spinning fishing using multiple lures depending on the weather and the situation, is very active and funny. Normally, small perche is around the shore moving in group. For fishing a big one, you must look in deep water and using jigging techniques.


For spinning fishing, particularly in the area where we are, it is common to use a fishing boat or kayak. Furthermore, the boats can have a supplementary electric motor which takes us through kilometers of swamp quietly.

Perch fishing with dead sardine

It is allowed in the Ebro river, enhances the effectiveness due to the smell, but it is not their usual food so not always work. It can be done from shore or using a boat, anyway is more static than spinning. Both, fishing with sinker or with buoy (more in the night) are possible. Moreover, fishing with spinning assemblies as Drachkovitch or handled dead fish is another option.


Live bait

Nowadays is forbbiden in Ebro river.