PortMassaluca campsite and restaurant is located close to Fayón, in the municipality of Pobla de Massaluca. It is accessible by road from Mequinenza (23km) or Gandesa (28km). The train station "Faió-La Pobla de Massaluca" is just 1km from the campsite. It has combinations from cities such as Barcelona, Tarragona, Madrid and Zaragoza. The third option is to visit us by boat from anywhere in Riba-roja swamp (Mequinenza).

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Coordinates: Latitude (41.22905188082421) - Length (0.3387415409088135)

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Mequinenza, just 20 minutes from the campsite and restaurant, is linked with cities like Barcelona, Lleida, Zaragoza and Madrid by highway (AP2) and motorway (A2) free. If you come from Mequinenza, you have to continue towards Fayón. When you pass the town of Fayón you have to continue 4km to the bridge that crosses the river Matarraña. After crossing the bridge on the left is the campsite and restaurant PortMassaluca.

If you come from Tarragona or Valencia, the shortest route is through Gandesa. Gandesa is the capital of Terra Alta, is about 30 minutes from the campsite and restaurant. Once you arrive to Gandesa, continues towards Pobla de Massaluca after that is important to take a deviation after 4km where is indicated Fayón and the train station.

If you prefer public transport, from Barcelona, Zaragoza and Madrid you have up to 3 combinations daily to reach our facilities, you can see more details in train section.